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"Nobody Wants to See Your Crack"


Techna Glass Durango Colorado

Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

Repair vs. Replace?

Don't you just hate 
when that happens!?

You finally make yourself wander out to the garage, move a ton of stuff out of the way to uncover and pull out your trusty lawn mower - fire it up and start the job, only to hit a rock that launches - now you have a broken car window. OUCH 

... and you didn't even WANT to mow the
​ lawn today - this is GREAT, just GREAT!


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Durango Windshield Replacement

Durango Auto Glass Specialists

CRACKED WINDSHIELD? Some cracks are bigger than other cracks ... Most are pretty small and seemingly insignificant, but they are a pain all the same! RIGHT? Depending where they hit your windshield, they can also be very dangerous. In fact, Johnny Law can pull you over for it nowadays. That will definitely make your day. RIGHT? WRONG ... lets get you back on the road safely with limited annoyances. If you are interested knowing about the laws & insurance coverage, click HERE. You are probably more interested in knowing what the cost of windshield replacement runs on your vehicle. You may still be wondering if you can get away with a car window repair or a quick chip repair. Did you know that our mobile auto glass replacement guys will also come to you to do a car windshield repair? Yes we are mobile, in fact we even do back window replacement, rear slider replacement and power window repairs on window regulators (the motor that makes your window go up and down). If we are not able to safely repair the cracked windshield, we will let you know. With your consent, we will collect the info on your vehicle to get you an estimate on your car window repair.


Call us now to get a free estimate or click now for a windshield quote. 

Mobile Auto Glass Repair Durango

What is the cost difference?

Here is how we do mobile windshield repair:​
When we fix stars, chips or pits, we place a vacuum stationary block over the center of damaged area, gently drill and then inject a special resin into the damaged spot. Then we proceed to cure the repaired spot for about a minute under our super zoomie UV lamp. BOOM, the chip or crack is cured. If you are thinking you may need your windshield replaced, ask us for a quote, we can get you the windshield replacement cost for your vehicle FAST!


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Car Window Replacement Durango CO

Other Auto Glass Repairs

We repair the passenger side window when your lawn mower shoots a rock through it. Yep we do that and other stuff.  A lot of stars & cracks can be repaired, BUT, if the damage is too large to repair, you need a windshield replacement. THAT is the bad news. The good news is we are MOBILE and we will come to you to replace the windshield or if possible a cracked windshield repair. 


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Auto Glass Replacement Durango Colorado

Rear Glass and Back Slider Repair

We can replace rear window glass in 1-2 days. Lets face it, your rear glass or broken back slider is pretty important too.  Typically, this takes a day to get in and then we can schedule your service.If your rear auto glass is just cracked, we might be able to repair it if the crack is smaller than a quarter. BUT if it has shattered, we will need to special order your new glass.


Call us now to get a free estimate or click now for a windshield quote. 

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