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"Nobody Wants to See Your Crack"


Techna Glass Durango Colorado

Windshield Replacement

Durango Colorado

DURANGO WINDSHIELDS is quick & convenient. We Repair or Replace a Broken Car Window FAST!

Best Rates in Town!
Fast Auto Glass Repair Service
Licensed, Skilled Technicians
Serving La Plata County

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Durango Windshield Replacement

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Glass Replacement for Cars & Trucks

​Cracked Windshield? ​Not Funny
How much does it cost to get a windshield replaced?
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Welcome to


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Durango's local Windshield Replacement Unit 

Don't you hate when your Crack is Showing!?

You are driving along peacefully minding your own business when a ​truck with huge tires blows by spraying gravel out all over your car! Now you have a cracked windshield. Do you need a windshield crack repair? Do you need a windshield replacement? How much does it cost to replace a windshield? What is the cost to repair a cracked windshield? (Well there are so many vehicles out there, we really need more information).

​You don't want a cheap windshield replacement that isn't safe. Find out what the car window repair or cracked windshield repair cost is and see if a repair is safe enough. We do car window repair in our shop. If we have to order new glass, your car window replacement may take a day or two. 

Durango Auto Glass Service

Looking for Windshield Replacement near me?

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DURANGO WINDSHIELDS is Durango, Colorado's coolest, fastest and affordable mobile windshield replacement company. We perform auto glass replacement and repair on the spot! We are not anchored to a shop, so we may already be near you.

So to answer your question, " Who does mobile windshield repair near me?" - WE are your answer! We do it all, We can do a windshield chip repair, or a windshield replacement with original equipment auto glass and we also do power window repair.. Yes we are the mobile auto glass guys that you see all around town doing windshield replacements in parking lots and driveways. When you think of Durango Auto Glass, think of us out there in the parking lot at Office Depot or Wal Mart - yep that's us!

We stock a large number of windshields to make us FAST and convenient to you. If you have a broken car window, we may need to order your car glass replacement, but we will get it in the next day, so the good news is that we can replace your broken car window the same day we get your auto glass in. We fix rear glass and back slider windows too We know our way around this town too, so we can find you FAST. We fix you fast and affordable. 


We Guarantee your satisfaction. 

Car Window Replacement Services

windshield replacement durango co

Should You... Repair or Replace?

This is the most popular question among our customers. Most of our customers ask the same very important question, “Do I need my windshield repaired or replaced?” The answer goes like this - Stars the size of a quarter or smaller can be REPAIRED. A windshield crack smaller than a dollar bill can often be repaired, but cracks the size of a dollar bill worry us, since they can compromise the strength of the windshield and may very well split or spread in 3 directions the very next time you hit a speed bump or pot hole. (just pointing it out) These repairs are usually covered by insurance and take less than 30 minutes to complete. If the damage to your windshield is greater than that size, it will likely need to be replaced.

auto glass replacement near me



Need Auto Glass Replacement? When you call us, we will typically schedule your service the same or next day. You can relax knowing that our technicians are trained beyond industry standards, and will replace your windshield with care and efficiency. It's pretty slick, our technicians arrive, remove your cracked windshield, install a new, factory-authorized auto glass (from industry-approved sources) with urethane adhesive that we heat to 180 degrees. It provides the strongest seal possible as it cools. 

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Chips, Cracks Stars and Pits

Sounds like a bad 70's show doesn't it? Well we can make you cool again with ​our mobile repair heroes. Just press the 'click to call' button and we will dispatch your hero! We realize that 'OTHER' glass breaks on vehicles. We just don't like to talk about it. We repair the passenger side window when your lawn mower shoots a rock ​through it, etc. ​Yep we do that too...Flex your finger a little bit and call in your 'mobile help'. We come to you, and work in any parking lot or driveway of your choice. Within reason of course. If you are ever in Frisco Tx, be sure to say Hi to our friends at Frisco Auto Glass!

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Looking for Mobile Auto Glass Repair? Our technicians clean up and leave your vehicle free of any debris. Please note that a safe windshield replacement takes about two hours total. Around an hour for the replacement, and another one-hour adhesive curing time before the vehicle is safe to drive. If you can allow the adhesive to cure longer, it is preferred. 

auto glass service durango co

Common Auto Glass Services:

Mobile Auto Windshield Repair

Mobile Windshield Replacement

Rock Chip Repair

Power Window Repair

Side Window Replacement

Power Slider Repair

RV Windshield Replacement

Rear Glass Replacement

Car Window Replacement

Auto Glass Repair & Replacement

The Locals Love Us!

Very Convenient - I didn't have to leave work at all, they came right to my place of work and did my replacement in the parking lot - I will call you guys again - best price too!
S. Ellison
My Passenger side window quit working out of the blue. No warning, just a SNAP noise and the glass disappeared into the door! NOT GOOD. I called around and got quotes for having the power window regulator replaced and was blown away by the quotes that auto repair shops charge. Techna Glass did it for 1/3 of the cost! Will definitely use them for windshield repairs too. Thanks Guys!
D. Chavez

Make that call - get the BEST RATES in town and the friendliest service around! Call to check our Pricing...

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